Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We are all connected - The Sustainable Souls Project, January 2017

Hello and Welcome to The Sustainable Souls Project Inaugural Post.

The Sustainable Souls Project is a monthly artist collaboration inspired by sustainability issues, concerns, ideas, and thoughts.  Each month, we will pick a sustainability topic and create awareness through art, using the monthly theme as inspiration.  Projects may include art-journaling, mixed media, assemblage and more.

The idea is to create awareness around Sustainability through art, one paint stroke at a time! 
We hope to educate, entertain, and share pretty things for both humans and the earth.
 We kick off the year with a theme that encompasses the general, overall idea behind Sustainability; that we are all connected.  What happens in one part of the world, affects the other.  What one person does, affects others.  The death of one eco-system, affects many others, and so one....

Before we begin, let's start with the definition of Sustainability:

The key word in the definition is 'long-term'.  Things that are occurring now, have long-term affects, so immediate change is needed to stop the cycle of harm.

January's theme begins the year with the concept of connectivity.  Here's an excerpt from Elephant Journal, that explains our connectivity with one another and our environment, eloquently.
"All matter comes from one single source, namely the Big Bang, which means that everything in our physical world is inseparable. We maintain non-local ongoing communication with each other—as human beings in this case, but we can extend that to connection to all matter in the universe: animals, plants, rocks, bodies of water, even weather. Each individual can affect change in the world. We are not separate from one another. We’re more like cosmic siblings. This means that we have a great responsibility to each other and to ourselves."

We asked the Sustainable Souls to create, using this theme as an inspiration point and as a point to share what connectiveness means to them.  I think you will be amazed at how each artist interpreted the theme and how they shared their message.
Let's see how 'We are all Connected' was transformed into art.

(Click names for links to the artist blog post)
Camille McCoy

Christy Strickler

DeeDee Catron

DeLane Rosenau

Diana Gabriella

Fiona Paltridge

Heather Paris

Karrie McClean Martin

Kristie Porters

Kristie Taylor

Laura Mooney

Leslie Marsh

Martha Richardson

Melissa Johnson

Michele Kosciolek

Peggy Arden

Robyn Crowningshield

Susan Davison

Sydney Drake Hole-Huffaker

Tina Walker

Tracy Krueger

Occasionally, we will feature Guest Artists and Junior Artists.  This month, we have a special Junior Artist, Daniel Crowningshield.  Here's his interpretation of the theme.

Junior Artist - Daniel Crowningshield

What an incredible collection of art!  I personally love the unique characteristics of each piece and what Sustainability means to each person.  This year will definitely be full of learning, sharing, and supporting 'The Pale Blue Dot'.

Thank you to each and every artist who took time to create with us this month.  
I thank you!
Human-kind thanks you!
Future generations thank you!
 Planet Earth thanks you!

We leave you with a short video, highlighting Carl Sagan's eloquent dissertation of 'The Pale Blue Dot'.  Enjoy.

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  1. Thank you Tina for creating this project and such incredible work by all the artists involved...BRAVO!

  2. Absolutely stunning work by all these amazing artists!!

  3. Is it too late to get in on this? I started this painting today of the earth inside a dream catcher & just now learned of The Sustainable Souls Project. Coincidence, I don't think so!

  4. Love Love Love! Its the best of the best, show! So much talent and such an interesting topic...Cant wait to be included next month...:) Laura aka hastypearl

  5. Wonderful- and what an awesome idea- I will play along once in a while!!!